Terms of Use

User Data:
These are the data we may ask you to provide for the following purpose

Your Name: We use your name to display in your profile, your position in the leaderboard, forum post and reply, etc.

Your Email: We use your email address to identify your account. This helps us to store your progress. And if needed we may send you a confirmation email. Besides, we might send you your learning progress, remainder about new features, services, etc. via email.

Your city and country Name: You may provide the name of your city and the name of your country. This information is optional. We use city name and country name of a user profile to display the ranking of the user among all other users from the same city or the same country.

Gender Preference: We believe in personalization. Hence, we customize content based on your gender preference. If you don’t share your gender preference, we provide you gender neutral content.

Usage data: We store your app usage data so that you can start from the same place you left last time. Also, if you want to continue using your account from a different device, we can store your progress. If you want you can clear all your progress through settings.

User Generated Content:
Every user must follow these rules while generating any content in Programming Hero

  1. The person or the profile creates the content in the forum or any question or anywhere in the app is solely responsible for the content generated by that person or user account.

  2. Any post or reply that includes sexual content, hate speech, violence, bullying, harassment, threats, personal attack will be removed immediately without providing notification

  3. Any post or reply that promote or reveal personal information of the person posted or some one else will be removed immediately

Programming Hero preserves the right to warn, remove or terminate any user account due to violation of any policy or terms of use.

Currently we ask you to provide the following permission

Camera: If you want to set a profile pictures, we will need to access your camera to take a picture. Once your profile pic is set, we do not access your camera.

Storage: Currently we need to access and store progress on your phone. This way we can provide offline support. Also, when you create a code project, currently we store the code on your device.

Photos/Media/Files: We ask for this permission when you want to download the certificate on your device.