Python Developer Roadmap - Follow This Roadmap And Become A Python Hero

Learning something new can be tough if you don’t know how to learn something, which concepts to concentrate on, and if you don’t have any good roadmap to follow! Don’t worry, if you are planning to learn Python, then you are in the right place! Today, in this article I will give you a perfect roadmap that you can follow and become a Python Hero! So let’s start…

Programming Hero

1) Understand the fundamentals of Computer Science

Before starting with Python, try to understand some fundamentals of computer science such as what is programming, how programs work, how the web and internet works, and much more. Also, try to understand where Python is used and how it is used so that you will have a blurred idea of in which you can make your career.

2) Getting started with Python programming fundamentals

Once done with step one, you will be ready to start with your Python journey. Getting started by installing Python and required tools and IDEs. Try to understand the basic fundamental concepts such as input/output, variables, data types, various operations on numbers and strings, and more.

3) Dive Deeper into Python fundamentals

Once done with the basics, you will have enough exposure to Python. Then you can move ahead and start with concepts such as Conditionals(if-else), advanced python datatypes such as list, tuples, dictionaries, learn about various loops and functions in Python. At this stage, you will have enough knowledge of python and you will be like a baby python hero!

4) A level up

At this stage, it will be time for level up! Once you are done with Python basics, you can move towards a bit advanced python concepts such as file handling, regular expression, exception handling, GUI development, and more. This stage will help you gain more confidence and will also increase the length of your code. At this stage, you will be above to create some basic projects using GUI, basic concepts such as loops and functions, fetch and add data into files, etc.

5) OOPs in Python

Object-oriented programming is an important aspect of Python or any programming language. Get hands-on object-oriented programming using Python. Learn how to work with classes and objects in Python, how inheritance and polymorphism works and also learn some advanced concepts such as generators and decorator. You can also get the hands of multi-threading using Python.

6) Time for Database

An application with a database is almost dead! It does not matter what kind of application it is, the database is an important aspect. Thus, it times to learn about database integration and database manipulation using Python. Learn about how to create a database, how to create tables, insert and remove data, and more.

7) Third-party libraries and modules

Python is one of the top and trending languages these days. One of the reasons behind it is its powerful and tons of third party libraries. Learn how to install and work with various third-party libraries. While learning about these concepts you can get hands-on API handling and web scraping. Trust me, as a developer, libraries are your oxygen! Thus, it is necessary to get comfortable with various libraries and learn about how to read the documentation.

8) Get hands-on basic libraries used for Data Science and Machine Learning

Data science and machine learning are much buzz words these days. As a fresher, now one expects you to become a master in these concepts but having knowledge of basic modules such as Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, etc will be really beneficial. They will be like added wings to your Python skills.

9) Learn at least one web development framework.

Having knowledge of just Python, won’t be enough! It will be fun if you can implement your Python skills over the web. Python is powerful and is one of the top technologies for web development. Learn at least one web development using Python such as Django or Flask. Django is used for full-fledged heavyweight web development using Python whereas Flask is used for simple lightweight web applications.

10) Time to become Python Hero

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned concepts, it's time for you to use your skills and create some amazing projects. Projects will help you polish your skills and gain some confidence while one the other hand strengthen your portfolio. Finally, you will be ready with enough skill sets to apply for a job or internship. Try to apply for as many internships/ jobs.

Want to learn all the above concepts and become a Python Hero? Try Programming Hero, a fun way to learn Python, and much more.

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