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Programming is one of the most amazing and powerful fields to make a career. With the growing technologies and the world moving towards digitalization, Programming is a rock-solid and an evergreen career. Ofcourse, a creative field, and a field that gives you the power to create absolutely anything! That said, with all the glamour that programming seems to have, it has the benefits of multiple earning opportunities and is one of its kind.
As a programmer, there are multiple ways you can make money and of course that too without graduation or any degree! Come on, programming has its perks. Below are a few ways you can start earning right away.

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1) Get a Job or Internship

Well, it is one of the most legitimate and secure ways! If you are a programmer, and you have enough skills set to enter the cooperates, then find a job/internship. Programming is one of the highest paying fields out there, so getting a job/internship as a programmer can be a good opportunity. Again, it has its own perks, so you can also get remote jobs/internships. And working in the industry for a year or two is actually a good idea if the job is really not your thing.
Getting a good job/internship will help you gain experience and know the in and out’s of how the companies work. And ofcourse, you will have a fixed income coming in your pockets every month.

2) Work as a Freelancer

Well, if you are not a job person, don’t worry! Programming has got your back. As a programmer, there are a lot of opportunities as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you can provide services like mobile app development, web development, and much more. And trust me, these gigs are really high paying. Ofcourse, as a newbie, it is tough getting new projects, but if you have a strong portfolio and have some quality projects under your name, you will eventually land up with good projects. Some of the perks of freelancing are your time, your choice, you are the boss! There are many sites out there such as,, etc where you can showcase your skills and make your profiles to show your availability.

3) Start your Blogging website

Well, if you love content writing and want to share some knowledge and learn at the same time, then starting a blogging site is a perfect idea. Blogging is one of the most amazing earning opportunities that you can start right away even as a student. As a blogger, there are multiple ways you can earn. You can add advertisements to your blogging sites or start with affiliate marketing and more. Initially, it can be tough, be once you start getting some traffic, it is a quite good money digger.

4) Sell your own Programming Courses

As a programmer, making and selling your own programming course is one of the really good choices to make money. You can create quality video courses with your knowledge and upload and sell them on many sites such as Udemy, and more. Even you can start your own E-learning platform. Once you start giving some really good quality and in-depth knowledge while having the right marketing strategy, this can earn you some good money. Sit, Shoot, Sell! Simple, right? code.

5) Start your own Youtube Channel

Well, youtube has become one of the top platforms to earn money, not only for programmers but for a wide variety of people out there. Living in 2020, we know how much one can earn from youtube! You just have to follow a simple funda, Quality, and Consistency. Running a youtube channel can be tough, but once you are a brand, it can earn you even more than a Job. Zero Investment, Good Returns!

6) Become a Podcaster

Back in the 1990s, we had radios! Now we have something called Podcasts. If you are not much of a video person, then podcasts can be your thing. There are multiple platforms where you can publish your podcasts such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. As a podcaster, you can earn by selling ads or running promotions in your podcast. They will earn you quite well.

7) Sell Software and Applications

n this tech-savvy world, various kinds of software and applications are the need of most of the business. Thus, trying to research what is actually the need for marketing can develop such apps that you can sell. Trust me, these will earn you really a good amount. Also, try finding such business or people who are in the need of such services and try converting them into potential clients.

Amazing, isn’t it? As a programmer, there is a wide range of opportunities that one can grab.
When are you starting with these?

Want to learn programming and grab more opportunities like this? Try Programming Hero, a fun way to learn to code.

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