Learn Python In A Week Complete Guidelines

If you spend 3–4 hours daily for 7 days, you will become a Junior Python Developer. I am providing this guideline using this android app called: Programming Hero

Day-1: 4 basic concepts (3 hours)

  1. Variable
  2. Display output (print command)
  3. Take user input (input command)
  4. Conditionals

Day -2: 4 basic concepts (3hours)

  1. List (index, append, remove)
  2. for loop
  3. while loop
  4. function

Day-3: Simple coding problems (5 hours)

  1. Convert miles to kilometers
  2. Calculate simple interest
  3. Find the largest number in a list
  4. Check a number is a prime number or not
  5. Sum of all digits in a number
  6. Reverse a string (Check palindrome)
  7. Calculate age
  8. Build a simple calculator

Day-4: Data Structures (3hours)

  1. Stack and Queue
  2. Dictionary
  3. Tuples

Day-5: OOP (4 hours)

  1. Object
  2. Class
  3. Method and constructor
  4. OOP- Inheritance

Day-6: Algorithm (4 hours)

  1. Binary search
  2. Bubble sort
  3. Selection Sort

Day-7: Project (6 hours)

  1. Build a web crawler
  2. or a news aggregator
  3. or a simple game using pygame

Now look at the list above, you can learn and become a Junior python developer if you have the sincerity and dedication. And you can learn all by using this fun android application. Check it out.

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I am taking all the examples from the Python learning app called Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun