How can I make learning python fun?

You can have three types of fun.

  1. Direct fun: You enjoy the process of doing it. Like watching movies, sports, hang out with friends, vacation, etc.
  2. Indirect fun: Sometimes, the task is boring but if you play music in the background, you don’t mind. This is called indirect fun.
  3. Reward fun: You might not like to study but you enjoy getting a good grade. Once you get a good grade, you forget all the pain while preparing for the exam and start enjoying the reward. I call it reward fun.

Direct Fun:

  • Enjoy the Output: Always get exciting by seeing an output. Write a print command and see Hello World as output. Tell yourself— WOW, this is working. Then write a variable or a for loop, tell yourself- Superb, I got it. Your wording and positivity will make anything fun and enjoyable.
  • Time vs Target Game: I set a tiny goal that doable in 20 min. Let’s say I want to learn if-else. Then I tell myself— if I can finish it in 20min, the target wins (And I feel that I win). If I can’t finish it on 20min, I say time wins (Never feel that I lost). But I finish the task anyway. From now on—start playing Time vs Target. You will enjoy the process.
  • Bite-size learning: Don’t start with a long tutorial. Start with a small video or small blog. If it a long thing, break it down to smaller pieces. After finishing every small piece, encourage yourself.
  • Don’t install Python: If you are an absolute beginner and not a tech-savvy person, don’t make installing python your first step. I saw a lot of friends’ desire to learn programming drained out by failing to install the programming language kit or an IDE.
  • Use an online IDE or a mobile app: Jump into an android app like Programming Hero or. Life will be much easier in the beginning.

Indirect Fun

As you are learning Python. First few weeks, you will need to get indirect fun-

  • Create a daily habit: Set a time. Develop a daily habit of learning programming. If you can learn even 1 hour every day, feel that you accomplished your goal.
  • Unstuck quickly: Getting stuck could be frustrating and certainly not fun. So, if you got stuck on anything, ask anyone. If you don’t have anyone to answer, ask Google uncle. Or simply move to the next topic.
  • Compete Secretly: Learning yourself could be boring. Find other people who is learning as well. Secretly compete with them. If you can learn more than others, naturally you will feel accomplished.
  • Throw a learning Party: If you have other friends who are learning Python as well. Hangout with them to discuss Python. Discussing with others and exchanging ideas will make it enjoyable.
  • Swap learning source: If you don’t like one tutorial, change it. Try another. You might like the next tutorial more than the current one.

Reward fun:

No one will give a trophy to learn Python. So, you have to give it to yourself.

  • Show off your work: If you build something or solve a problem show it to your friends or family members (even they don’t have any idea about coding). Showing them will give you an indirect feeling of achievements.
  • Build project: Build a simple calculator or a web-crawler or simple game with pygame. The process could be a little challenging. However, once you are done, you will feel it as a higher accomplishment.
  • Conditional reward game: If I have to go outside or do something else, I say myself— finish this topic and then I will check WhatsApp or youtube or facebook or have dinner. And once you finish the learning task, you take the distraction as a reward. It’s a great feeling. Try it.
  • Imagine Future: Imagine your dream. Imagine yourself as working as a software engineer in a reputed company. This will indirectly fuel you to get going.
  • Teach others: Even you know a tiny bit. Teach others. You will get an immediate reward for your own learning. And also this will motivate you to learn and understand the next topic.

Happy Python !!!

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I am taking all the examples from the Python learning app called Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun