10 Reasons To Learn Data Science
10 Reasons To Learn Data Science
10 Reasons To Learn Data Science
10 Reasons To Learn Data Science
10 Reasons To Learn Data Science

10 Reasons To Learn Data Science

Data has always been around. Man-kind has been recording data since it started to think. Data science is the next big leap in the industry. The idea of data-driven business is taking root deep in the mind of the business culture. If there was any time to get ahead of the curve, this is it. Here are the top 10 reasons to learn data science and drive your career forward.

10 Reasons To Learn Data Science

Reason 1: High demand and impeccable growth

The number of jobs in Data Science has been increased by 28% by 2020. Data Science related jobs have been proclaimed to be most sought after jobs today. It's not just the craze and trends that make it an exciting profession but also high salary packages attached to it. Businesses are looking for more and more data scientists to help them adopt a data-driven approach.

Reason 2: It’s all about Data and Big Data these days

We have produced a lot of data. A study says that by now humans have produced around 140,000 Exabytes of data that is equivalent to the amount of character that can be written on the papers made of all the trees from the amazon forest. Imagine this analogy! That’s a huge amount.
If you look around, you will find a computer first. Rather it is a desktop, Laptop, or Mobile phone. And with this, we create an enormous amount of data every day. This data in its oversimplified form is called Big Data. It can potentially lead to answers of enigmatic questions that might produce huge productions.
Thus, we need to analyze, filter and process these data. Data Science is the tool for that.

Reason 3: AL and ML is the future

Talking about technology, we are moving at an unimaginable speed. Automation, Smart robots, Prediction systems, Recommendation systems, all these are products of AL and ML. And trust me when I say this, It is the future! And all this is backed by huge data and there comes data science into the picture again.

Reason 4: Multiple Job Designations

Once you become a data science analyst you have ample opportunities out there in various companies. Here are a few job designations that you can grab such as - Data Scientist, Analytics Specialists, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, etc. Thus big companies are looking for people to take up these designations. Surely the competition is more, but job opportunities and designations are even more.

Reason 5: Data-Driven Thinking

To look at data and infer actionably results is the need of the hour. More than just a need, it is a skill that will come handy in all walks of life. Surely it begins with analyzing data, it eventually leads to data-driven thinking. And thus it becomes one of the really important aspects of today’s world.

Reason 6: Priority Of Organisation

Everything depends on data doesn’t matter if it’s multinational or small business. All great minds use this data to formulate strategies for their organizations. Many organizations have already started using data science for this. For example, Google uses this data to render correct information for a search query in a fraction of seconds. If no there wouldn’t have been data science, there won’t be a Google that we know today!

Reason 7: Core of Decision Making

With businesses adopting a more data-driven approach, the data science departments are becoming crucial to their sustenance. Hence, as a data scientist working in a data-driven business, you will always be at the core of decision making. Just imagine being someone companies would look up to while making important decisions for the organization. Sounds exciting right?

Reason 8: Develop New Revenue Streams

Just like the 90s that saw the rise of giants like Amazon and Google, data science will eventually lead to its speculation phrase. Tech giants like Uber already have a data-driven model in their operations. Like I have said before, there was ever a time to get ahead of the curve, it is now! Thus, using data science companies are taking their products to another level and leveling up their revenue streams.

Reason 9: Business Optimisation

There are a number of ways how you could use data science in your business. Manage your data science project efficiently and see them add real value to your business. Data science can help you in increasing the number of customers and serving them more efficiently. All this can be done with proper utilization and analysis of data.

Reason 10: No Specific Domain Background Required

Yes, you read it right! Unlike other fields that require a background of a specific domain, data science is exceptional in this case. There is no compulsion that candidates only from a computer science background can make a career in this field. It is open to all and anyone can grab it easily. Surely having a computer science background is really beneficial.

So that you have all the data that surely might clear your vision of learning data science, then why delay? Start it now…. Hope it helped you, if I missed anything, please let me know in the comment section!

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